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Whether you are brand new to bats, or an experienced bat worker, Durham Bat Group is here to help you explore your hobby and gain valuable, practical experience.

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Durham Bat Group is a collection of individuals from a range of backgrounds who share a passion for bats and their conservation.

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Large number of bats for centuries. If u’ve ever been to an event at the Cathedral in the Summer or Autumn you’ve probably seen some bats flying around the cloisters. Indeed, they can even been seen flying during the day there on occasions.




Where We Operate

We cover the area between the Tyne & the Tees that is essentially the pre-1974 County Durham boundary. However, we also work closely with neighbouring bat groups to provide support across the general North East Region.

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Basic Bat Care

Contain in lidded receptacle

Contain the bat in a suitable lidded receptacle – a small cardboard box is ideal – but make sure there are air holes so the bat doesn’t suffocate.

Use bite-proof gloves

Wear bite proof gloves to pick the bat up, or else coax the bat into the box without touching it. There is an infinitesimally small chance the bat may be carrying a rabies-like virus, so bats should not be picked up with bare hands

Use a soft cloth

Place a soft piece of cloth, such as a tea towel in the box – make sure it is crumpled up so the bat can crawl into it and hide.

Provide fresh water

Provide some water for the bat to drink. An upturned plastic milk bottle top with a couple of millimetres of water is ideal.

Keep in dark, quiet place

Place the box somewhere dark and quiet.