Bat Records and Reports

Durham Bat Group maintains a database to serve a number of purposes:

  • Provision of search results to consultants and to organisations such as local authorities seeking bat information in connection with planning enquiries and the like
  • Scientific research
  • Distribution maps
  • Maintenance of contact with roost owners

For this to be as complete as possible it is essential that records should be submitted to the Bat Recorder (see below) whenever possible. This can be done in various ways

1: When a BCT/Natural England report form is completed,
a copy can be sent to the Recorder either

  • As a copy of an electronic file (by email)
  • As a scanned copy of a paper file (again by e-mail)
  • As a paper copy (by post)

2: Other records, including field records,
can be submitted, preferably using the forms provided here:

Technical note:

Different browsers may vary in the way they deal with these forms. It should normally be possible to complete, save and send them as e-mail attachments from within the browser. If they are not saved they may reach the recorder as blank forms! Alternatively, you can download them to your normal file space (before or after completing them) and then attach them to an e-mail message from there. This may be your preferred option if you wish to keep a file of the records. They can also be printed out and sent by post

Obtaining records:

Those wishing to obtain records for a particular site are invited to contact the Recorder, giving the name and six-figure grid reference of the site.

The normal charge for a search, except where this forms part of a Durham Bat Group Project, is £50 per hour or part of an hour

Contact details for Recorder

David Sowerbutts
9 Prebends Field, Gilesgate Moor
Durham DH1 1HH
0191-386 7201



When submitting records by e-mail please use