Bat Helpline

The BAT HELPLINE is the official point of contact for problems with bats as a protected species. It is funded by English Nature and has a 24-hour answer phone when it is not manned live. The help-line deals with most problems over the phone, but often puts the caller in touch with a local bat worker.

Durham Bat Group staff a round-the-clock rota with volunteer bat workers to deal with bat problems.  You will be put in touch with the bat worker on call if necessary, via the bat helpline.

The Bat help line number is 0345 1300 228

More information


The Bat Conservation Trust has further information on the following topics, that you may find useful if you have a particular problem.

  • Help! I have found a bat
  • Bats keep getting into rooms
  • Discovered a bat whilst carrying out building work?
  • I need to carry out work that may affect bats
  • I know of a roost or of habitat that is under threat
  • A bat crime is occuring or has occured
  • My church has bats