Ebony Woodwork

Ebony woodwork is a community based project promoting rights, choices, inclusion and independence for adults with learning disabilities. Here you can see some examples of the quality garden furniture they produce.



Coloured boxes like those above can be painted with a non-toxic water resistant finish.  The finish is applied only to the outside of the box.

These photos show the traditional design of bat box, and also the new "Finnemore" style.

The boxes are made from rough sawn untreated softwood so that the bats can easily hold on to the surfaces. Entry is through a slot in the bottom of the box.

arch seat

Ebony woodwork also make sheds and playhouses, garden furniture, bird boxes and bird tables, and will carry out work to your own design. Example prices Jan 2015:

Shed, 6ft * 8ft £485
Garden bench 5ft £55
Rabbit hutch 3ft £50
Bird table with house £20
Bird box / bat box £7.50


arch seat

Ebony Woodwork, Unit 6E
No 1 Industrial Estate
Co Durham DH8 6SS

table & chairs

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