Bat detector links

Bat equipment manufacturers and suppliers

URL or link Details
BatBox Great range of detectors
Ciel Electronique bat detectors Check out their new range of detectors!
Dodotronic New USB ultrasound microphone and software
Magenta Electronics Ltd.  Electronic kits & bat detectors
NHBS All kinds of equipment for watching and surveying wildlife
Pettersson Electronik Good bat detectors but EXPENSIVE!
Ultrasound advice   Bat detectors and an ultrasound loudspeaker!
Wildlife Acoustics US-based, make full-spectrum recorders (to 192kHz)
Al Milano's reviews   Ongoing detector reviews by Al Milano

Electronic circuit designs and other background information

John Erringtons Bat detectors Lots of information and circuits (new window)
Frank Pliquett   Interesting site with information about kits and bats in Germany
Tony Messina's Digital Bat Detector Easy to build frequency division detector
Tony's Bat Scanner   Scanning heterodyne detector
Bertrik Sikken Loads of information on Bat detectors
PicoBat   Ultrasound detector idea using only 3 components -a PIC chip

Sound analysis software

Utility Size Comments
SOUNDRULER 12M sound analysis software for PC / MAC  FREE
AUDACITY 3M record edit process and analyse sound on PC etc.   FREE
WAVESURFER 3M sonograms and lots more for PC   FREE
Sonic Visualiser 9M loads of options to display spectra FREE
SeaWave 5M Also supports the ULTRAMIC


updated & checked March 2015