Identifying Bats

Durham Bat Group have been granted permission by the authors (Dietz and Helversen) to host a copy of their paper on identifying the bats of Europe. Due to their large size these are hosted on a separate server, along with other large documents, and may be accessed via the links below.

Class 2 Survey training documents

1: Licence information

2: Training checklist

Bat Links and contact EMAIL addresses: 

URL or link EMAIL ADDRESS / information
Weather in County Durham Provided by BBC Weather Centre
sunrise and sunset times are also shown
MeteoProg   Sunrise, sunset weather, twilight and moon phase information for Durham
Bat Conservation Trust
Eurobat Secretariat     
Bat Conservation Ireland    
Bat Conservation International (US)    
Animal Echolocation   Why do bats chirp? find out here.
Bat groups in the UK   maintained by BCT
Bats at Bristol   A superb resource, recently improved even further
BSG Ecology   Some good research - mostly about bats
DEFRA   Environment, food and rural affairs
Durham wildlife services    
Environment Agency   Protection of the environment
Eurobat publications    Documents and guidelines for bat protection
iBatsID   database to identify bat from TE recording
National Biodiversity Network   distribution data for wildlife species
Natural England   English nature
Northern Bats   Bat related research and observations in the north of England.
Northumberland bat group   nice new site, do check out their events page!
Northumbria Mammal Group   Part of Northumberland Wildlife Trust
North Yorks bat group   good info including distribution maps about the bats in yorkshire
Peoples Trust for Endangered Species    
The Mammal society    
Warwickshire bat group   Huge site with loads of good information - especially "bats in the news"


updated & checked April 2016